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RP Playground
To afra_schatz: Warning! Fluffiness ahead!! 
9th-Jun-2005 11:49 pm
Sherlock - Sex doesn't alarm me
Title: Just An Ordinary Day
Pairing: Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom
Rating: Hm...I don’t know...PG-ish, I think.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Unfortunately.
Warning: Slash! Completely unbetaed.
Author’s Note: Written for afra_schatz, because her computer was broken and I missed her dearly.
Song: "Who's Crying Now" by Journey

I hope you'll get your computer back soon, love. Until then...This is sappy, useless and completely random. Oh! And un-betaed, of course. Only a little 'digression' within our Nightclub universe. :) See you tomorrow, hopefully.

Orlando stood behind the counter quietly drying the glasses Garrett was handing to him. It was close to noon and TROY had closed its gates long ago, but it had been a very wild night, so to speak. Two bachelor parties, one thirtieth birthday and a fight. Busy times for Brad and Antonio. Orlando smiled in memory of the look on Brad’s face when one of the younger men involved in the brawl had tried to hit him. It had been somewhere between indignation and amusement, as if Brad hadn’t been able to decide whether to just put the young man across his knee or to just laugh at him.

Orlando put the glass back on the shelf where it belonged and took the next one out of Garrett’s hands. Looking around he noticed Diane and Juliet standing next to the staircase chatting and laughing. They could’ve been gone long ago, all of them. The cleaning company – Josey and her people – had arrived hours ago and here and there Orlando could see them swabbing the floor or wiping the tables and chairs clean. They could’ve easily done all the rest, too. It was their job.

But Eric had wanted to make a few calls and to talk to Juliet afterwards, and Orlando had decided to make some use of himself instead of sitting around gazing into space. As for Eric wanted to have a word with Juliet, of course, Juliet couldn’t leave, and somehow Orlando suddenly found himself behind the counter with Garrett, cleaning glasses and re-stocking the liquor shelf, while Juliet, Diane, Brad, Tony and a few others took care of the rest of TROY. Somebody went to a bakery anywhere near and provided breakfast and lots of much needed coffee. Then again, Orlando had to admit that he wasn’t tired. Actually he felt perfectly fine and awake. Fortunately university had still summer break.

“Hey, ‘lando!”

For some strange reason Brad never used the first syllable of his name. Orlando shook his head slightly and smiled. “Yeah?”

“Pick one!”

The tall Texan nodded his head towards the CD player to explain what he meant. Whenever there was some kind of private getting-together at TROY, be it to talk about shifts or to set a schedule or to make vacation plans, everyone presented was allowed to chose the background music. This morning Antonio had started with the soundtrack of ‘Mambo Kings’, then Brad had played something of Marty Stewart, Juliet had chosen ‘Nightwish’, Garrett had wanted a techno sampler and Diane felt a strange need for Olivia Newton-John. But, of course, nobody’s musical taste was critisized or mocked.

Orlando thought about it for a moment and then said, “Journey.” Yeah, a little bit oldie-wise maybe, but not too much. It was Rock, after all, and Orlando loved the voice of Steve Perry.

“Which one?”


Seconds later the first tones of ‘Don’t stop believing’ filled the air. Orlando nodded his thanks to Brad and the bouncer nodded back. Everybody continued working, silently and contentedly.


Orlando was listening to ‘Who’s crying now’ when, as if on cue, Eric came down the stairs. The young man didn’t even have to turn around. He could tell by the way the air was moving, the atmosphere was changeing, by the way his heart was beating when he felt Eric’s gaze on him. People stopped in mid-movement for a moment to watch, because the club owner looked stunning, even short of sleep and after being at TROY for almost twenty-four hours now. Eric looked _always_ stunning.

’It’s been a mystery, and still they try to see why somethin’ good can hurt so bad’, Steve Perry sang when Orlando finally turned around to meet Eric’s sparkling gaze, clearly for Orlando to see, though he stood qite a few feet away. Yes, he’d been right. Eric did look stunning. Orlando smiled and his lover returned the smile, but then he was asked something from Juliet and looked at her.

’Caught on a one-way street, the taste of bittersweet love will survive somehow, someway’, Steve Perry continued and reminded Orlando of the fight he’d had with Eric before they’d left for Australia. He shook his head and smiled again. Eric and he had nothing to do with this song. And Orlando thanked all the gods he could think of for that every single day.

’One love feeds the fire, one love burns desire, I wonder, who’s crying now? Two hearts born to run, who’ll be the lonely one, I wonder who’s crying now.’

After they’d returned from Australia, Eric had handed a few of his administrative duties over to Juliet and had helped Orlando monopolizing the study on the first floor. In turn Eric had transfered his stuff to the study in the basement. But somehow Orlando still managed to leave his papers and books all over the house. A fact Eric didn’t tire to tell him, always linked to the threat of great bodily harm if Orlando hadn’t put them away by evening. And, of course, never been put into effect – only if one counted wild, unrestrained sex as ‘great bodily harm’.

’So many stormy nights, so many wrongs or rights, neither could change their headstrong ways. And in a lover’s rage they tore another page, the fightin’ is worth the love they save...’

Juliet laughed about something Eric had said and the club owner seized the moment to look at Orlando again. Orlando smiled once more. He’d brought most of his stuff into Eric’s house by now, but one couldn’t really speak of ‘moving in’, because Orlando still had his appartment. They hadn’t yet decided what to do with it, hadn’t even thought about talking about it. Step by step. No need to rush anything. There’d been a slight change in their relationship lately, and though they’d been together for quite a while now, all of this was new somehow.

’One love feeds the fire, one love burns desire, I wonder, who’s crying now? Two hearts born to run, who’ll be the lonely one, I wonder who’s crying now.’

Orlando remembered their conversation from last night, after they’d made love. Slowly. Sensually. Revelling in the feelings their closeness generated within them. Well, not exactly a ‘conversation’. Having had sex with Eric always left Orlando speechless for a while and he was reduced to breathing hard, trying to express his feelings with his hands and his lips, touching Eric’s damp skin wherever he could reach it, until his ability to speak returned.

’Love you’, Eric had murmured into Orlando’s curls and had placed a soft kiss on his head. ’You take me to places I thought I could never go to.’

This time Orlando had remained speechless, because he just hadn’t known what to say. Eric could go _everywhere_. Literally and metaphorically. With or without him. Or so he’d thought. Hearing Eric say that Orlando meant so much to him, left Orlando not only speechless, but breathless, as well, because suddenly all of the love he felt for Eric threatened to overwhelm him, made his heart acheing with pure joy. ’Ugh, corny’, Orlando had thought before he’d risen a little to capture his lover’s soft lips in the most sweetest kiss, telling him everything he’d had in mind where words only would’ve had failed.

’Only so many tears you can cry ‘til the heartache is over, and now you can say your love...will never die...’ Steve Perry ended his song and Orlando was brought back into the here and now by his fellow bartender.

“You really have it bad, don’t you?”

Orlando could hear the grin in Garrett’s voice. He turned and blushed slightly. “Sue me,” he murmured and Garrett laughed. “Hardly. Eric would tie me to a knot.” Now it was Orlando’s turn to laugh. They continued re-stocking.


A cup was placed in front of Orlando and he looked up. Eric smiled. “Tea?” Orlando beamed. “Thank you. You’re ready?”

“Yes.” Eric nodded. “Why haven’t you left earlier? Your shift’s long over.”

Orlando took a sip from his tea and purred softly before he replied, “Didn’t want to. Besides we took your car yesterday, remember?”


Orlando smirked and took another mouthful of tea. It was a small cup and the liquid cooled quickly. Eric slightly tilted his head.


“Yes. ‘Anyway you want it’.”

Eric smiled smugly. “As it should be.”

“Hey!” Orlando meant to sound indignant, but couldn’t suppress a chuckle, which lessened the effect of his remark a tiny bit. Eric grinned.

“How about lunch?”

“Sounds great.”

Orlando drank the rest of the tea and said, “I’ll drive.”

“In your dreams!”

Orlando rolled his eyes. Eric and his holy Porsche.

“You’re such a sissy! I’m careful.”

“No, Orlando. Period.”

Orlando shook his head and followed Eric to the exit. On the way the club owner turned to Juliet again and said, “Do me a favour and call Carl again, will ya? We need more of these little cocktail umbrella thingies, ‘kay?”

Juliet smiled and shushed them out. Eric frowned. “Was that a yes?”

Orlando laughed. “Yes!”

“Oh. Okay then.”

“By the way, Billy and Dom invited themselves to breakfast for tomorrow. “

“Dear lord in heaven. Do we have enough valium?”

“For you?”

“No. For _them_.”

TROY’s exit door closed loudly behind them.

The end
10th-Jun-2005 11:39 am (UTC)
I love you.
11th-Jun-2005 12:53 am (UTC)
Love you, too. :)
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