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23rd-Nov-2007 10:41 pm - amygirl & afra_schatz Hunk High
art orange tree
Hunk High :)

Staff (in order of appearance):
Philosophy – Orlando Bloom
Mathematics – Eric Bana
P.E. – Karl Urban
History – Sean Bean
Art History – Christopher Lee
Headmaster – Ian McKellan
Religious Studies – Viggo Mortensen
Drama – Johnny Depp
Biology – Dominic Monaghan
Music – Billy Boyd
Chemistry – Elijah Wood
Physics – Sean Astin
English Lit – Bernard Hill

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Bernard "Black Books"
Diese Story ist ja soooooooooooooooo süß!!! Ihr müßt da unbedingt weiterschreiben, bitte, bitte, bitte! *big big puppydog eyes*

Eric und Orli sind SO niedlich und die müssen sich unbedingt kriegen! Ganz dringend! Ich möcht doch soooo gern wissen wie's weitergeht!

Ich hab euch auch ganz doll lieb wenn ihr weiterschreibt. Ich hab euch ja auch so schon ganz doll lieb, aber wenn ihr weiterschreibt hab ich euch noch viel, viel lieber. Ehrlich!

2nd-Sep-2005 11:20 pm - An Owen/Leto idea
Vig - bookworm
This started because killthwight has too adorable a Jared muse and we were looking for someone 'rough and butch' with whom Jared could play. Clive positively roared when he set eyes on the kid so we decided to go ahead with that slashy nonsense. Guest appearance by one Angelina Jolie who's grown all too talkative in my mind.

I - Clive: All his kinky buttons (eyeliner, for fuck's sake)

ICollapse )

II - Clive: Recruiting Angelina Jolie was bloody hazardous business

IICollapse )

III - Angelina: while she was at it, Sofia Coppola could go fuck herself

IIICollapse )

*smiles* I'm dying to know your thoughts on all of this, Emi, darling. And Jared's, of course *gg*
Sherlock - Sex doesn't alarm me
Title: Just An Ordinary Day
Pairing: Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom
Rating: Hm...I don’t know...PG-ish, I think.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Unfortunately.
Warning: Slash! Completely unbetaed.
Author’s Note: Written for afra_schatz, because her computer was broken and I missed her dearly.
Song: "Who's Crying Now" by Journey

I hope you'll get your computer back soon, love. Until then...This is sappy, useless and completely random. Oh! And un-betaed, of course. Only a little 'digression' within our Nightclub universe. :) See you tomorrow, hopefully.

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